Courses designed and taught

Wisdom through Cognitive Science (Summer 2022)

An introduction to some of the main findings of cognitive science that are relevant to real world issues.

Philosophy of mind (Spring 2022)

An upper-division course surveying core issues in the philosophy of mind, with emphasis on the mind-body problem.

Contemporary Moral Issues (twice: Fall 2021 & Fall 2022)

A course for freshman, mainly focused on the ethics of implicit biases, belief, consent, euthanasia, foreign aid, sex and abortion.

Bioethics (3 times: Fall 2019, Spring & Summer 2020)

A big lecture (75 students) "scholarship in practice" course on medical ethics. On Spring 2020, the course had 75 + 25 Honors students. I supervised two graduate student TAs and two undergraduate TAs.

Introduction to Philosophy (twice: Fall & Winter 2020)

Freshman-oriented courses on core philosophical issues in epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of mind. Online due to the pandemic.

Philosophy of Love and Sex (Summer 2019)

A 3-week intensive online course on the metaphysics & ethics of sex and romance.

Courses I was a teaching assistant for

Bioethics (UMD, 2019)

A course on medical ethics, taught by Sam Kerstein.

Know Thyself: Wisdom through cognitive science (UMD, 2018)

An introductory course on cognitive science, taught by Peter Carruthers.

Power and oppression (UBC, 2014)

A course exploring continental and analytic approaches to power and oppression, taught by Sylvia Berryman.

Symbolic Logic 1 (UBC, 2014)

A course on predicate and first-order logic, taught by Leslie Burkholder.

Symbolic Logic 2 (UBC, 2013)

A course on advance logic and computation, taught by Paul Bartha.